Consider64 joins the GBC

Consider64 Joins the Good Business Charter

We are delighted to announce that we have joined companies such as Aviva and TSB in signing up to the Good Business Charter (GBC), an accreditation that seeks to raise the bar on business practices for employees, the environment, customers and suppliers.

At a time when people are caring more about who they work for and who they buy from, the GBC offers accreditation recognising organisations that prioritise their ethical values. It has never been more important for businesses to build trust and show that they care about more than just profit. Therefore, the GBC and its members seek to inspire many other businesses to follow suit.

It measures behaviour over ten components, a few examples of this are:

Ethical Business Practices:

The Good Business Charter provides us with a framework to ensure that we are operating ethically and responsibly. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in the Charter, we can ensure that we are conducting business in a way that benefits not only the company but also our employees, customers, and the wider community.

Employee Retention and Recruitment:

Employees today are increasingly looking for companies that align with their personal values, including social responsibility. By prioritizing ethical business practices, we are helping to create a work environment that attracts and retains those who share our values.

Community Impact:

The Good Business Charter is not just about what happens within the walls of our company; it also has a wider impact on the community and the environment. By prioritizing ethical business practices, we are contributing to a better world, which is something we can all be proud of.


The Charter is an initiative developed and overseen by the Good Business Foundation; an independent charity established by entrepreneur Julian Richer. It is an important initiative that can benefit our company in many ways, and by becoming a signatory of the Good Business Charter, we are committing to do business in a way that benefits everyone involved.

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