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Dining Desk Information

  • Ensure your power cable is plugged in and switched on at the mains.
  • Carefully pull the sliding top towards you until it stops.
  • Lift the hinged lid until you hear a ‘click’, don’t worry, this is the lid locking mechanism.
  • Softly push the sliding top until it is fully returned to it’s original position.
  • If you have a height adjustable model, adjust your desk to your necessary seated or standing position via the paddle switch or your phone app.
  • Adjust your monitor according to your preferred height.
  • Ensure all cables necessary for you to work are plugged in; Laptop, monitor, etc.
  • You are ready to work!


  • Ensure your monitor is set at it’s lowest point. To do this, pull your screen to it’s highest point and slide down in a controlled motion.
  • Remove any obstructions inside the tray that may damage the monitor or hinder the lid from fully closing.
  • Gently pull the sliding top towards you until it stops.
  • Release the locking mechanism, and carefully allow the lid to close naturally through the soft close function.
  • Once the lid has closed completely, return the sliding top to it’s original position.
  • Set your preferred height using the paddle switch or app.
  • Enjoy your meal!

The power supplied within the Dining Desk tray will support the following functions:

  • USB fast charging: The A and C ports are intended for use with smartphones and tablets ONLY. Please DO NOT use for laptops. Maximum USB-C output is 30W unless used simultaneously with USB-A connection, in which case the maximum output of C is 15W.
  • 3-Pin Socket Power: They are ONLY to provide power for the monitor, laptop, phone and or tablet charger.
  • Domestic appliances MUST NOT be connected. The fuse size is 5 x 20mm and ratings of greater that 3.15A MUST NOT be fitted.

Review of the Dining Desk

by Ergonomist, Sukhi Assee

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, with companies and employees facing hardships and changes both with work and home life. The latter is a change that almost all office employees in the UK, if not worldwide, have seen take effect. Working from home has had its advantages and disadvantages, with studies showing that there is a fine and equal split between employees wanting to continue working from home and those that cannot wait to return.

With Covid-19 dramatically changing the way we work; it is inevitable that our typical office space and home working environments will change indefinitely. As an independent Senior Ergonomist, I have been educating employees and companies about the benefits of adopting good ergonomic practices within the home. General DSE training that is usually delivered in the office space cannot be applied to working at home, especially when some do not have the relevant equipment that makes for a comfortable workspace. Ergonomic education and ergonomic work tools that work passively and coherently is what we should see within our homes and in offices.

A vision of having traditional office work tools becomes somewhat challenging within our homes, because we want furniture that is beautiful and everlasting. The Dining Desk is a simplified way of achieving a good fit between practical ergonomics and aesthetics. The beauty behind the design is how efficiently all features work and how well they work together. The height adjustability feature is simplistic in its movement and the desk can be raised and lowered in height, using a simple button; which goes from sitting to standing height within seconds. The table aims to comply to fit the seated and standing elbow height of an individual who is 5ft, to as tall as 6ft.4. This means that it caters to the 5th and 95th percentile of people working in the UK and EU. Static seated positions can lead to discomfort and unhealthy musculoskeletal postures; hence why standing up and working intermittently and for short periods of time, is a great way to make micro movements!

The monitor is beautifully cased within a flip-out section that opens, shuts and remains seamless both visually and in its movement. The monitor can be adjusted in height. It works on a rachet system, so the user does not need to struggle with the lift and drop. Once the height of the desk is right, the monitor can then be adjusted so that the eyes are in line with the top two thirds of the monitor. This position, aims to minimise any neck curling or extending!

The monitor is tipped back at a 5-degree angle, which is an ideal viewing position. Our line of vision extends to everything we see directly in-front of us and 15 degrees lower. When the monitor is flat, the distance between our eyes and the top of the screen and the bottom of the screen is not level; the top visual capacity is always shorter. To make this even, having the monitor tipped back by 5 degrees, ensures that the length of vision is equal. In turn this causes less strain on our eye muscles.

Having good clearance above and below the desk is essential to avoid tripping and dropping hazards. Cable management can be stored within the compartment facility, which also allows for extra room for other work tools, such as keyboards, mice and laptops, when they are not in use.

The Dining Desk features are unique in adaptability and performance. The stunning design including its features are a winning scenario for those practical but design conscience workers. The Dining Desk is a great example of a design piece that is both ergonomic and beautiful.

To initialise the desk, drive downwards, press and hold the tilt until movement has been performed.

To adjust the desk, tilt the panel down for driving downwards and up for driving upwards.

Press the Bluetooth® button for two seconds. The light strip starts to blink with a blue colour. The display shows the ID of the desk.

Open your downloaded app and connect to the desk. Look for the correct ID in the list of “Desks nearby”.

Follow the onboarding instructions in the app.

The DPG with display has four memory positions in total.

Drive to the required desk height and then toggle the “star” button until the display shows either “star 3” or “star 4”. Release button.

To store a position press the “star” button for two seconds. White light flashes and becomes static when the positon is saved.

To reset all memory positions press and hold the “star” button for eight seconds, until the light flashes red.

To store a memory position drive to the required position.
Press the “star” button for two seconds.
White light flashes and becomes static when position is saved.

Tilt and hold, to drive to a memory position.

If the DPG features automatic drive, tap twice on the DPG in the direction you want to drive. The DPG stops at the first stored position in the chosen direction.

The light strip reminds you when it is time to stand up.
Green = ok
Orange = it is time to stand up

Default setting is 55 minutes sitting.
Press the “bell” button to see the interval.

How to change interval or choose “OFF”.

Change your interval by toggling between the four settings.

Interval 1: Reminder after 55 minutes sitting

Interval 2: Reminder after 50 minutes sitting

Interval 3: Reminder after 45 minutes sitting

Interval 4: OFF disable the function

How to reset the light strip reminder.

To reset the light strip reminder press and hold the “bell” button for eight seconds until the light flashes red.

There are three reset possibilities:

  • Reset of memory positions
  • Reset of light strip reminder
  • Factory reset

To reset all memory positions, press and hold the “star” button for eight seconds until the light flashes red.

To reset the light strip reminder, press and hold the “bell” button for eight seconds until the light flashes red.

Factory settings:
To return to factory settings press and hold the “bell” button and the “star” button for eight seconds until the light flashes red.

Set correct desk height:
If the height shown in the display is not the actual height of the desk, it can be corrected.

Measure the height of the desk from floor to tabletop. Press the “bell” button and the Bluetooth®  button for five seconds. When the display starts to blink, tilt the panel upwards if the number is too low or downwards if the number is too high.

Change between cm and inch:
Change between cm and inch by pressing the “star” button and the Bluetooth® button for five seconds. When the display starts to blink, tilt the panel up or down and the unit changes.

Care and Maintenance of Dining Desk products

We want all our customers to enjoy our furniture for as many years as possible. Although our Dining Desk range is primarily for the home, we have made sure the durability is appropriate to the hospitality and contract markets. The following guidelines will allow our customers to ensure that their furniture will last for many years to come.

Though our wood lacquers are hard-wearing, our table tops are not ‘scratch proof’ neither are they heat resistant. Care should be taken with hot or wet cups and warm plates. Due to the nature of the finishing process, it is highly likely that damage will occur if moisture is left on the surface or if hot dishes or cups are used without the protection of good quality place mats. Extremes of heat or dampness should be avoided. Continuous exposure to direct sunlight may have a detrimental effect on your furniture. Any damage caused by lack of care in this way will void the warranty.

The approved method to clean our furniture is by using warm soapy water dispensed from a spray bottle and dried off with a clean cloth. Do not use anti-bacterial sprays or other chemical cleaners which will invalidate our warranty because, over a period of time, the sprays are likely to soften the lacquered surfaces resulting in a ‘sticky’ feel. Regular dusting and gentle rubbing will buff up the existing finish to improve the patina.

Do not use any product that contains silicones for cleaning. Use only a standard wax polish. We suggest that waxing is only needed on an annual basis.

Thanks to its porous structure, PET Felt can be cleaned simply with water. In most cases, using only water should be sufficient to remove any dirt, though if a stain remains, it is advised to dab it with a dry towel while still wet. DO NOT RUB. Rubbing can cause damage on PET Felt and may cause bald spots. Stubborn stains can be removed with quality detergent cleaning products in the same way. Bring the stain in contact with the detergent and apply water to complete the process, use a clean dry paper towel to dab away the leftover moisture and leave to dry. It is recommended to try a detergent on an unseen spot first.

Check your furniture regularly. Catching any problems at an early stage will mean that long term problems can be stopped.

Avoid dragging furniture as it may lead to a weakening of the joints. Always follow the guidelines set out on the above sheet and take care when using any of the mechanisms on your Dining Desk by ensuring their movement is never impeded. The electrical items and moving parts should never be forced and extra care should be taken to ensure their longevity.

If you have any more questions about how to care for your Dining Desk product or wish to make a suggestion, please email us at Info@Consider64.co.uk

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